Anope IRC Services added World of Gor!

Anope IRC Services added World of Gor!
October 10, 2019 No Comments Uncategorized Phlox

The world of Gor IRC network has added the Anope IRC Services suite (http:// ) to the network.

This decision comes after testing many different packages over the last month on the separate test server. The decision to add this package now adds features such as channel ownership, nickname ownership and the ability to add ops and, police channels as needed by those channel owners and mods.

Make sure to check out some of the usable features of Anope IRC services below, with a more comprehensive list at


  • Nickname Registration
  • Grouping
  • Identification and Security (will force change the nick of someone after 60 seconds if they do not know the password)
  • Ghosting and nickname recovery


  • Channel registration and ownership
  • Access levels for mods
  • Channel modes
  • Bans and kicks
  • Many other features


Adds the ability to add a services bot to your channel and using !commands, adding the ability to easily control your channel if a founder or mod.


  • Adds the ability to send and recieve mail messages in chat using commands like /ms send Phlox Hello
  • Read messages or delete messages using /ms read # or /ms read list, new, or all. Delete a message by /ms del #, list or all.
  • Use an ignore list, /ms ignore add person|channel and you can delete a person from your ignore list in much the same way /ms ignore del


  • features that allow for IRCops to facilitate the control and smooth functionality of the entire network. These commands are based on the level of the IRCop in question and will not be listed here!
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