Oper Myths

Oper Myths

Q: What can an oper on wogor actually do on the network?

A: This is an EXACT list of what we can do:

  1. /squit a server, separating it from the rest of the net
  2. /die our server
  3. /kill a user, this disconnects them from the server they are on
  4. Akill a user, this disconnects them from the network and bans them for a given period.
  5. Mass Msg/CTCP/notice a hostmask
  6. Mass Msg/CTCP/notice a server
  7. See and send Operwall/wallops notices

Q: What can opers **NOT do, but keep being asked to anyways?**

A: We can NOT:

  1. Enter a channel that is +i or +k without being invited or having the key
  2. See who is inside a +s channel
  3. Op ourselves or op you on a channel (unless of course, we are a channel op for that channel)
  4. Tell you what XXXX’s new nick is since they changed it to hide from you. [Ed. note: Actually an oper can follow nick changes but only on his own server, but he won’t invade that privacy for you because nobody likes a stalker. :-]
  5. Deop someone for you on a channel (unless of course, we are a channel op for that channel.

Things that we can do, but will NOT!

  1. We will not get involved in channel disputes or politics. (This gets messy and can lead to no confidence in the staff of the network.)
  2. We will not forcefully change a nickname unless it violates the Acceptable Use Policy (AUP), or unless it discriminates based on Age, Race, Religion, Sex, Color, Sexual Orientation or Sexual Identity.
  3. Forcefully kick people from your channel at your request because of X reason. (This really goes back to the first thing we will not do.)

credit to Ray Powers of Efnet for writing this originally. The above has been edited to correspond with the differences between the IRCD that we use and that of EFnet since some features did not match up.