Q: Does World of Gor support connections from your typical IRC clients (i.e mIRC, Xchat, IRC for Android)?

A: Yes, We accept connections from all of those clients! Just use the link at the footer of the page to connect using your favorite IRC client.

Q: Does your network accept IRC connections using your website?

A: Yes, you can connect currently to our network using the chat link on any page and imputing a name into the web interface. After that just click start and it will connect you.

Q: Your network (/motd) says that the website is eighteen plus and contains possible adult content, what does all of this mean?

A: This means that regardless of the age of consent laws of your state or country, the staff of this network wants you to be eighteen years of age or older to legally be allowed on this server. This network may contain graphic text and anyone suspected of being underage will be banned.

Q: Is this network SFW? (Safe for work)

A: Honestly, no but we will not stop you from connecting from work should you choose to do so, just keep in mind your work policies and rules concerning such. Unofficially, we recommend you wait until you are not at work to connect to this network!

Q: Do you allow for channel creation by those with an unregistered nickname?

A: No the services package we use does not allow for unregistered nicknames to register a channel.

Q: Can I connect to your network without registering my nickname or is it required in order to see the channel list or enter a channel?

A: Unlike on some networks that require you to register your nickname to see anything other than the help channel, this server does not require you to do so.

Q: What features do require a registered nickname in order to use them?

A: You must register your nickname to register a channel using our Chanserv feature, use MemoServ, be a channel op in your channel or someone else’s, request a vhost or become an IRCop should you apply.